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helps us keep the rent very low for groups like these, which in turn enables the teachers to offer low fees and sliding scales so all can enjoy and benefit.


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Donate now to make this community space is available to all who want a place to gather, to teach, to share.

If you are interested in leading your own class or program give us a call! We particular love to offer crafts of all kinds! We'll help you promote and market your class and share your skills with others!


NECC is also available for meetings, birthday parties, and public gatherings of all kinds. Call for details!


Alex Baker
Alex Baker
After-School Program Coordinator
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Classes and Groups

NECC’s space is available for teachers and volunteers to lead their own classes and activities. For more information or to register for these programs, call the listed teacher.


Also check out our Community Events Calendar for special events and one-time activities throughout the year!