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Donate now to support the many volunteer opportunities available at NECC!

Teenagers volunteered recently to paint the picnic table on NECC's back deck.

What we ask of our Volunteers:

We are so grateful for your generous gift of your time and talent!

When you come in, you'll fill out our complete application, which tells us a little about you and your interests and helps us match you with the most appropriate opportunity.

In addition, we are required to ask any volunteer who will be working with children or seniors to fill out a criminal background check, including getting fingerprints

Care Car Drivers must obtain a copy of their driving record from the DMV.

We provide training to all volunteers depending on assignment. At any point during your volunteer stay with us, if you have any questions or concerns about your project, the person you are working with, or anything else about NECC, please let us know and we will do our best to address it.

Alex Baker
Alex Baker
After-School Program Coordinator
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Volunteer Opportunities At NECC

Here is a list of current volunteer opportunities at NECC. Some are ongoing, some are one-time events. Some require as little as an hour a week, some will take much more, as much as you would like to offer.

Click on each opportunity or interest, or scroll down, to learn more. For information on any of these ideas, to arrange to volunteer, or to suggest your own, call Jackie at 518-789-4259, x 149.

Community Service for Offenders
Tutoring GED Students
Drive senior citizens to appointments
Read books with young children
Work in NECC's Community and School Gardens
Help Low-Income People Prepare their taxes
Prepare and Deliver Meals
Help around the office
Work on our next party or benefit
Come to our next volunteer clean-up day
What we ask of our Volunteers
Other ideas? Call us!

Tutoring GED students: Our students are anywhere from 17 years old to well into their 50’s. All are motivated to finish their diploma so they can improve their job prospects or begin a college education, but some have serious educational deficits to overcome. Under the supervision of our trained teacher, we need tutors to help students struggling with math or writing, so they can prepare to pass the test. Weekday evenings and Saturday.

The Care Car always needs drivers. Help an elderly person obtain medical care, and be a friendly face! Use our car, or get a mileage stipend to use your own, to pick up a senior or other person in need of transportation at their home, bring them to an appointment, and bring them back when they are done.

  • Time Commitment: as little or often as you wish; the typical appointment at a local doctor takes approximately 2 hours from door to door, generally between 9 and 5 on weekdays.

Read with children: Children learn to read best when they are read to, and have the chance to read out loud to a non-judgmental listener. Both our morning toddler programs and our after-school program for elementary students welcome you to read with them and help them develop a lifelong love of books.

  • Time commitment: as little as a half-hour one time, or as much as you like Monday and Friday mornings with toddlers, and after-school hours on school days with ages 5-11.

Community Garden: We maintain a vegetable garden at Webutuck High School, a new Community Garden at NECC, as well as the flower beds and pots at NECC. In the fall, we need help with weeding, mulching, planting bulbs and preparing for winter. In spring and summer, it's planting, weeding, pruning, harvesting... keep NECC beautiful!

  • Time Commitment: varies.

Tax Preparation: Last year we prepared tax-returns for more than 350 families, helping them get their earned income tax credit and refunds, and saving the cost of professional preparers. Their gratitude was tremendous, and the impact on their lives incalculable. Training begins in December/January, and tax season runs from late January - mid-April.

  • Time Commitment: 25 hours for training, and 2 hours a week minimum commitment through the tax season. Read more...

Deliver and prepare meals in our Summer Food Service Program. In 2016 we served over 5,000 meals and in 2017 will need volunteers at five sites around Millerton and Amenia including Millerton Library and Amenia Town Hall.

Office: From time to time we have big mailings and can use as much help as we can get to stuff, label and seal envelopes. Let us know if you'd like us to call you next time one comes around, or when we have another office project. You'll get coffee, cookies and our eternal gratitude!

  • Time Commitment: varies.

Special Events: Help introduce NECC to new supporters, raise money for our programs, and celebrate together. We have a great group of volunteers who have a terrific time planning our events (both fundraisers and events like Spring for Sound)- it's a fun way to get to know your neighbors and contribute to NECC at the same time.

  • Time Commitment: Varies depending on the event.

Clean-Up and Spruce Up: Once or twice a year, usually fall and spring, we have a big clean up day to pick up trash, prune bushes, plant flowers and shrubs, and make sure our grounds are welcoming to all. We may also have days scheduled to paint, or other projects. Let us know if you'd like to join us the next time we have one!

  • Time Commitment: A few hours, a few times a year.

Community Service for Offenders. Individuals who have been sentenced by the courts to community service are able to fulfill their requirements at NECC. Call (518)789-4259 for more information.

Other Ideas: Bus trips to great locations, art exhibitions, work at the Farmers Market … there is no end to the ways you can help NECC. We look forward to meeting you!