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Impact: How NECC Makes a Difference

How NECC Makes a Difference
NECC helps hundreds of families every year. Here are just some of the ways we do it.
A new family joined NECC's after-school program this past fall. They had just moved to Millerton, and the children didn't speak much English and were a bit nervous — they didn't know anybody. On the first day, the children told their mother to please come pick them up as soon as she could.
The next day, they told her she could come a little later.
On the third day, they told her to please not come until 6:00pm — they were having too much fun to go home any earlier.
As of December 2014, 62 children were enrolled in the After-School Connection — a 25% increase over 2013. They are getting homework help, a healthy snack, daily outdoor play and exercise, and lots of fun activities in art, music, science and more. And nobody is turned away whether or not they can pay.
In 2014 we also:
• Sent a team of teenagers to New York City on a "Midnight Run" to bring food and clothing to homeless people living on the streets. These at-risk teens get together weekly for community service, training in topics like diversity and money management, and other activities that help them build life skills for their future.
• Helped a woman who was fleeing an abusive boyfriend. She and her two children needed help getting to family members in Florida, where she knew she'd be safe. They are one of over 40 families we helped through crises into greater independence this year through our Client Advocacy program.
• Provided baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables to needy families during the holiday season. Our fresh food pantry, summer food service program served nearly 6,000 meals, and the school garden, and other food outreach projects helped nourish and prevent hunger for hundreds of children and families this year.
• Began planning for tax season, when volunteers will prepare tax returns for over 350 families for free.
• Hosted community-wide events like Spring for Sound, which celebrated local artists and musicians to an audience of nearly 1,000 people, and the Chef and Farmer Brunch, which celebrated the bounty of the Hudson Valley.
• Continued to reach out in the community to make sure that everyone who needs health insurance has the best and most affordable plan possible. Over 50 families found low-cost insurance at NECC last year and enrollments are underway again now.
• Arranged paid jobs for 40 teens helped local businesses, who in turn mentored young people and helped them learn what it means to put in a real day's work.
• Organized volunteers and the Dial A Ride to give rides for over 400 senior citizens and other clients to the doctor, grocery store, school and more.
• Helped with food stamps, mental health counseling, immigration status, clothing, utility bills, car repairs — if we don't do it ourselves, we'll find someone who does.
We help everyone who walks through our doors. Please make sure we can keep helping people in 2019 — make your donation today!

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