North East Community Center
New On-demand Bus Service Starts This Week in Millerton
Reprinted with permission from The Millbrook Independent.
On-Demand Bus Service in Millerton
A new on-demand bus service will serve the towns of Northeast, Pine Plains, Amenia, Dover and Washington making local stops and pick-up with service to Sharon for medical and shopping access. For schedule information or to book rides call the NECC at (518)789-4259. Pictured are Nancy Heaton, Foundation for Community Health (FCH), Justin Svengen, Northeast Transportation Director, Gertrude O'Sullivan (FCH), Hansell, Director

Gayle Hendrickson, a legally-blind resident of Millerton has had severe challenges getting to medical appointments and going shopping over the years. She once walked seven miles to Sharon Hospital to get to an appointment. She still regularly walks three miles round-trip to get to the supermarket. There has been no public transportation to Millerton since January 17th, 2009, when four buses a day came to town as part of the Loop bus system. Since then Gayle has had no public transportation at all.

“The Care Car has helped a lot. For someone like me with no relatives it has been a blessing. It is run by volunteers coordinated through the Northeast Community Center. Without it I would have been totally bereft. It was originally started by the American Red Cross and has been a huge success that we hope will be expanded to every town,” said Ms. Hendrickson, who should know because she used to coordinate and helped inaugurate the service.

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