North East Community Center
Ideas flow at NECC garden party
Reprinted with permission from The Millerton News, copyright The Lakeville Journal Company, LLC, 2012.

MILLERTON — The North East Community Center (NECC) garden party on Friday, April 6, was a fun and seasonal way for the community to share its vision for the upcoming community garden project.

NECC’s Americorp Volunteer for Community Health Initiatives Shanna Barney was on hand to listen to attendees and collect ideas on the direction of the project.

“It seems like raised beds are what everyone’s thinking. They are easier to maintain and will help keep everything organized,” she said.

The community also spoke out on keeping the garden aesthetically pleasing.

“There was talk about planting flowers around the edges of the garden and using mulch to make it look nice. It seems like we’re not going just toward planting food, which is a great idea,” she said.

The community garden will also feature a bed for anyone interested to stop by and sample.

“We were thinking of people who are on the Rail Trail or walking by and who don’t know about the garden. This way they could stop by, try a sample of something we’ve grown and if they’re interested in the project, then great,” she said.

The party was a success despite colder temperatures on Friday.

“It’s just a really positive project and everyone’s response has been really positive as well,” she said.

The group even had time to plant some raspberries during the event.

“It seems like a lot of people want to get involved. This is a service for the community and we want to meet the needs of everyone who would like to be a part of this,” she said.