North East Community Center
Affordable farmers market brought to Amenia
Reprinted with permission from The Millerton News, copyright The Lakeville Journal Company, LLC, 2012.

Farmer's Market in AmeniaAMENIA — The North East Community Center (NECC) kicked off its Share the Bounty Farmers Market at Hudson River Community Health (HRCH) in Amenia on Tuesday, July 3.

The new farmers market is made possible by the New York State Fresh Connect grant that was awarded to NECC.

The market runs on Tuesdays to coincide with the days that families receiving Women, Infants and Children (WIC) benefits and other patients considered high-need attend the clinic.

Community Outreach Coordinator for HRCH and Community Garden Project member Ed Fredder was on hand during opening day.

“The Community Garden Project is located on Prospect Hill in Amenia. It’s really taking off, and it’s a pleasure to be here for both organizations. NECC really deserves all the credit for this event. We’re just the facility. This came together because of them,” he said.

Several local vendors were on hand with a variety of vegetables, meat and locally grown and harvested goods for patrons to choose from.

Fredder was happy with the turnout.

“It’s been constant all day. This is the first one, so we’re hoping that it catches on and more people will come once they know we’re here and what we’re offering,” he said.

NECC was also on hand providing recipes, nutrition education, cooking demonstrations and Healthbucks, another way to make the goods as affordable as possible.

Wassaic Community Farm grower Ben Schwartz was there with a variety of fresh produce.

“We’re very happy to be here. It’s always great to offer fresh, local produce to any community,” he said.

Also in attendance was Lynn Mordas from Dashing Star Farm in Millerton.

“Our products are 10,000 miles fresher than anything you can buy in the store. Our lamb are all raised in Millerton on locally grown grains. They are slaughtered humanely and locally, saving on the impact of transportation. We offer economically friendly lamb,” she said.

Mordas’ lambs can be seen from the Harlem Valley Rail Trail.

“Lots of people stop to see them. Remember they are very docile, timid and sweet animals. They need peace and quiet. They also have a fear of dogs, so please keep that in mind when you stop to see them. Keeping them calm and stress free allows us to provide a better product,” she said.

The Share the Bounty Farmers Market will be held on Tuesdays at Hudson River Community Health on Route 343 in Amenia from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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