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enables us to provide scholarships and sliding scales so that every young person who might benefit from our programs has the chance to participate.


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Support is also provided by:

The Dyson Foundation

The Advantage After-School Program of New York State

The Dutchess County Division of Youth Services

The Target Foundation

The Millbrook Garden Club


What Sounds Fun to You?

Mountain Climbing in our Wilderness Club

Archaeology Camp - digging for bones

Find a job, learn a new skill,
through the CPSB

A guitar hero tournament is just one of the activities and outings in our Teen Team


What Do Kids Do When They're Not in School?

The Millerton Knights, led by Jon Grusauskas, began as music enrichment at
NECC's summer camp. Now they have a real band with plenty of gigs around town,
and Jon has opened up his own studio, The Music Cellar, in Millerton.


If parents are working, finding childcare that is affordable and offers enrichment and academic help is crucial. Older teens need a place to hang out, opportunities to develop job skills and experience, explore new interests, and give back to their community. Summers present their own challenges, and in our rural area, finding all these resources can be difficult.

Midnight Run: Making sandwiches and chili, collecting sweatshirts and coats and socks, and driving down to New York City to deliver them to homeless people sleeping on the street in February, is just one of the community service projects the Teen Team organizes every year.


NECC's youth programs serve children from age 5 through the teen years, throughout the school year and summer as well. From our daily after-school program, to our summer camp, our middle-school clubs, job training program for teens 14-18, and Teen Team, there is something fun and rewarding for just about every teen.